‘Evans has given us four thirtysomething characters so perfectly drawn that they seem to come from a brilliant Netflix dramedy, but has rendered them with a classical prose so confident that it seems to come from a 19th century novel… as intelligent and insightful as it is hilariously entertaining’
Taiye Selasi

Recipient of an Arts Council England Grants for the Arts Award (funded by the National Lottery).
Selected in best summer reads 2018 by The Guardian, Metro, Financial Times, Daily Telegraph, Elle, Daily Mail, The Pool and The Times.

Melissa has a new baby and doesn’t want to let it change her. Damian has lost his father and intends not to let it get to him. Michael is still in love with Melissa but can’t quite get close enough to her to stay faithful. Stephanie just wants to live a normal, happy life on the commuter belt with Damian and their three children but his bereavement is getting in the way.

Set in London against the backdrop of Barack Obama’s historic election victory, Ordinary People is an intimate, immersive study of identity and parenthood, sex and grief, friendship and aging, and the fragile architecture of love.

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